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Frequently asked questions

Need to get mobile ordering online asap, but still have some questions?

We've compiled a list of the most common questions we are asked about the Dines service. If you have a question that isn't listed below, please get in touch via Live Chat and we'll try our best to help!

Does Dines integrate with my till?

Dines runs side-by-side with your current ePOS system with no need to integrate into your till.

Whenever an order comes through Dines, you know that it has been fully pre-paid, so there is no need for you to process the payment.

If you would like to put the order through your ePOS, simply settle with a new 'Dines' tender, otherwise, you can run Dines completely separately as we provide all the necessary reporting for you to cash up.

What does it cost?

We offer two plans, the Basic Plan (2.5% + 20p per transaction), or the Growth Plan (1.7% +20p per transaction, plus a monthly fee of £150).

Limited-time promotion: If you sign up for Dines between 24 November 2020 and midnight on 2 December 2020, you'll enjoy 50% off all transaction fees on the Starter Plan until 31 December 2020. That's just 1.25% + 10p per transaction!

The Growth Plan works out much cheaper with larger volumes, but the Basic Plan is a completely free-to-try model with you only being charged for successful transactions.

How are payments handled?

We use a highly reputable payment processor called Stripe (the same processor used by Deliveroo and Uber) - you will receive payouts 7 days after the transaction.

Is there a trial version?

You can find extensive product demos in our 'How it works' page, where you can discover how the platform works. We do not offer a trial version at this time, but if you sign up to the basic plan, the app is free to play with once you are set up, until you take transactions.

Can I accept physical cash/card payments with Dines?

In order to promote a safe payment experience with minimal contact to protect your customers and staff, our mobile ordering platform only submits orders to your team once they have been paid for, fully, in advance. Customers can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay and any major card, just like they would for any online payment. This also protects against orders being made without being able to collect payment afterwards, for example if the customer has to leave or made the order in error. Ensuring we take full payment in advance keeps the process smooth and reliable for all parties.

Do my customers need to download an app?

Your customers are not required to download an app, they can simply just go to their web browser after scanning a QR code at your table to make an order directly from their phone's web browser. Our 5* iOS and Android apps provide a richer experience for your regular and more tech-savvy customers.

How do I know who has ordered what?

Ordering from table

The customer either scans a QR code on the table or enters the table number when ordering drinks/food and paying for it. The staff will then receive the order and take it to the table it was ordered from.

Ordering at bar

If users are at the bar but still entered the table number they were sat at, they could ask for the order by table number.

If users are just ordering without a table, the order will have the user's name attached to it.

Each order also has a unique order ID.

How do I teach customers to use Dines?

Dines can provide table talkers or table stickers that educate users on how to use Dines and provides a shortcut (QR code) to quickly find your menu and start ordering!

What kind of reporting functionality do you provide?

You will have access to daily cash up reports. After the first 30 days of activity, you will also have access to reports for sales by item and category.

What counts as a transaction? Is it per table or per customer?

Transactions are the number of payments processed by Dines. If each customer separately orders off their own phone then each customer would have a separate transaction. If one person orders for the full table then it would be per table.

Do I need to purchase any hardware?

There is no need to purchase a new device, but you can if you like! The orders come through to a separate order dashboard which is web-based - so you can have it open on any web browser e.g. a computer, tablet, individual staff phones, etc... and there's no limit on the number of screens you can have logged into your Dashboard.