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With the Dines app, you can book a table at amazing local restaurants, get up to 50% off, earn 5% Cashback, and donate a meal to charity — every time.

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The New Way to Pay

Paying with Dines couldn't be easier. Here's how it works:

Step 1 • The tasty one

Enjoy your meal as usual (yummy!), and when ready for the bill, let your server know you want to “pay with Dines.”

Step 2 • Join the Bill

Your server will bring your table's four-digit DineCode. For example, it could be 3967. You and your friends can then tap the green Pay button on your own phones and enter the DineCode to join the bill together.

Split like a Pro

Step 3 • Choose your Contribution

You can choose to split the bill equally by tapping on Split the Bill? and selecting how many ways you're splitting. Or, enter a custom amount instead.

Step 4 • Here's a Top Tip

If the restaurant does not normally apply a Service Charge to their bills, you can choose to Add a Tip if you like. The handy options automatically calculate a 10%, 12.5%, or 15% percent tip based on your personal contribution to the bill.

Got Cashback to spend?

Step 5 • To Redeem or not to Redeem...

Spending your Cashback is simple. Simply tap Use Cashback? and choose how much you want to redeem towards your contribution - or you can Save for Later - it's entirely up to you!

*NEW* You can also choose to redeem any Dines Vouchers you have purchased for a specific restaurant when making a payment here too.

But remember, in order to use any available Cashback, your contribution to the bill must meet the minimum spend threshold of £7. (There is no minimum spend required when redeeming your Dines Vouchers).

Pay together, Stay together...

Final Step • Tap to Pay!

Now you can simply tap Apple Pay, Google Pay, or use your linked debit card, credit card, or Amex, to complete your transaction. But here's the best bit - as you and your friends pay, you'll see each other's payments happening together in real time in the Live Bill Banner at the top (it's super satisfying!)

When everyone has completed their payments and there's nothing left to pay... the bill is Paid and you're all done!

And as always, for every person at the table, we'll donate a meal to a child in need on your behalf. A Meal for a Meal, every time.

Invite friends, get rewards

Everything is better with friends — especially eating out, which is why you can earn £5 Cashback for every friend that you refer to Dines.

How to earn Cashback