Restaurant deals with a difference

With the Dines app, you'll discover amazing local restaurants, pay less, and donate a meal to charity every time.

The Dines promise

Hidden gems

Get a great discount on your food from the best independent eateries

Dine & save

Earn dines points with every meal to save even more

Meal for a meal

For every meal ordered through the app we’ll donate another meal to charity.


Take your pick from this week’s deals at our handpicked selection of local restaurants on the app or web. Rock up, enjoy some delicious food, then tell your server you want to "pay with dines".

How to pay

Enjoy your meal as usual. When you’re ready for the bill, just say “I'd like to pay with Dines.” Your server will give you a four-digit “dinecode.” Enter this code in your Dines App by going to Pay > Get My Bill.

You can pay for your meal via your chosen payment method. Don't forget to use your dines points!

Split and split

Splitting the bill? Everyone at the table can enter the code too. Just swipe to split and tap to pay in seconds. Job done.

Invite friends, get rewards

Everything is better with friends — especially eating out, which is why you can earn 100 dines points for every friend that you invite to use the app.

How rewards work