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Clear, real-time order management

Dines keeps your staff updated throughout the ordering cycle, flagging up orders that require attention. As they interact with an order on the Dashboard, our system will keep the customer updated on progress.

New orders

When a new order is received, your team can check the order and accept without worrying about payment. Customers pre-authorise payment when they submit an order. Once the order is accepted by your team, the customer is informed instantly, so they feel comfortable knowing that the order has been received.

Order prepared

For Click and Collect orders, you will see these marked as ‘For Collection’ on your Dashboard and a time for expected collection. Your customers will get a status update on their order and receive an e-mail informing them that the order is prepared for collection.

Previous orders

Your team can view previous orders at any time. When an order is completed, the user receives an email with a link to the order receipt - there’s no asking for receipts and no confusion about whether the order was wrong, the data is in the hands of both your team and your customer.

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