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We cut through the noise to help restaurants like yours attract hungry diners looking for a great local spot to eat. Let’s work together to get their bums on your seats!

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Why work with Dines?

Get new customers on the quieter days

We help restaurants attract the right kind of customers on the quietest days so you can generate revenue from your empty tables.

It’s simple — we deliver profitable growth

Increase revenue and control your margins — and with no fixed costs or set-up fees, it will only cost you when it’s working.

Offers without the negative brand impact

Our offers are completely discreet — no mention of discounts, no vouchers, and no risk of your staff or customers feeling embarrassed. Everyone wins.

Why our partners love us

Minimal training required

We typically only need 15 mins to train your staff on how to use the Dines app.

A simple app gives you all the control

With our restaurant control centre, you can easily control every aspect of your account.

No complex contracts, no lengthy lock-ins

Unlike our competitors, we won't lock you in to a lengthy contract — we use a simple 7-day rolling agreement.

How we're different

Slicker, quicker way to pay

We reduce the time it takes to process payments by up to 90% for larger tables, which frees up your team and increases table turnover.

24/7 support, all year round

We’re always here to help support your team and answer any questions, so you can focus on what you do best!

We give back to the global community

Every time you serve a customer through Dines, we'll donate a meal to child in need through our partner charity with Mary's Meals.

With Dines, everyone wins!

Be found by more hungry diners, increase your revenues, control your costs, and make more profit — without negatively impacting your brand.

Get on Dines!