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Real-time updates

Dines keeps your customer updated at every step of the journey. They’ll be informed when their order is accepted, when it's prepared and, for Click and Collect, when it’s ready to be picked up.

Mobile payments

Our simple, elegant payment solution is fast, secure and easy for your customers. Our payment system is powered by Stripe, so you can expect reliabilty too.

Order pending

Once an order is sent and payment is held, the customer will see the status update as 'pending' until your team accepts. Once the order is accepted by staff, the customer is informed instantly, so that they feel comfortable knowing that the order has been received.

Previous orders

When an order is completed, the user receives a receipt email with all the relevant information - there’s no asking for receipts and no confusion about whether the order was wrong, the data is in the hands of both the venue and the user.

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