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Eclectic décor, amiable service, and great mediterranean food to boot: Al Santo delivers the goods, no doubt. Somehow managing to blend a fine selection of Italian and Greek delicacies into one lovely restaurant, Al Santo is the place to go to whenever the craving for some authentic taste from sunny lands hits home. Speaking of home: you'll feel like part of the family, thanks to their friendly and smiling service and cosy atmosphere.


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in the last week

Tasty and fresh like home made cook..will certainly go back !!. The owner and staff was cordial.

McQueen Francis

3 months ago

Al Santo, is a husband and Wife business... There are places that are rare, and Al Santo is one of those rare places to go, it's rustic relaxing cool atmosphere of serious "not to hard" chill, really is unique and very old school place to be, it doesn't have to try to be anything but original, like the couple who started the whole thing, beautifully situated and the place you simply want to be, you don't feel as if you are in Fulham London, near the market of ( North End Road ) it's that kind of place one can drink and eat and coffee over a great or good book to read, or you chill out with great people especially friends and family alike, all are welcome to Al Santo, as long as you simply enjoy the time well spent, so go along and have yourself a merry and real good, and great times ahead... Beloved Al Santo, any time, always... Ooh, I forgotten to mention that the food is gorgeous, sorry about that, Al Santo, love this place any time of day... Just go along and relax.

Anooshe Mussarat

3 months ago

My favourite Italian in London. Local, authentic, great wine list, cosy and exactly what you would want to be recommended for a hidden gem. Amazing prices and location. 10/10

Philip Hewson

5 months ago

Very charming Italian/Greek restaurant; the staff seem mainly Italian so we stuck to that part of the tempting menu. The staff are attentive and helpful and not "too much". We had a lovely table for two near the kitchen and adjacent to the desert table which sounds terrible but was quiet, so we could talk, (the main part of the restaurant was very WEST LONDON LOUD on a Friday night). The food. Is. Excellent! We had soup, I had the homemade beef ravioli and we finished with a classic, but sensational tiramisu. A wonderful experience. So why not five stars? Price. It was one of those nights when the bill is slight surprising. Yes, we had bread and olives...but 6 slithers of bread with no oil or butter didn't touch the sides, my pasta was "only" £13 and we didn't have alcohol, so at £50 a head made Al Santo a treat rather than a regular haunt.

Marius Averitai

a month ago

The best pasta, ever! I had goosebumps whilst eating