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Chamisse is a well established Lebanese restaurant in Central London with authentic food and a friendly service. Our commitment to quality food and hospitality has earned us the accolade of being one of London's top Lebanese restaurants. Please note that Dines can't be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or set menus.

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11:30 - 22:20

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Alma Nemeth

4 weeks ago

I was with my mom and brother at the Chamisse restaurant. The hospitality was 6 stars ✨ really very friendly, attentive service and explained us everything regarding the food. Also the food was very delicious. Normally lamb is not my favourite meat but hear it was so good prepared that I just couldn't stop eating it :D I am very picky about hummus but at Chamisse the hummus is also divine - as a plus we got it on the house 😊 thanks again:) Here everything is given to have a nice and unforgettable dinner. And it is just right priced :) I highly recommend the place and would go back when I have the chance.

Kristina Wells

2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful find, a wide selection of dishes and everything we ordered tasted amazing! The meat was perfectly cooked and some of the best hummus we have had in a long time. Great service too, the dishes were prepared quickly. The ambiance is cozy and relaxing. We are definitely coming back!

Laura Tosi

a month ago

First time trying Lebanese food, and the overall experience has been excellent. The staff was super nice and helpful in the choice of courses. Everything was literally amazingly tasting and servings were huge. We tried the rice with vegetables and lamb, with a glass of Lebanese red wine. The staff offered us as appetizers some Lebanese bread with homemade hummus, and also a traditional dessert. The location was really nice and clean. Highly recommended!

Nonstop Eating

a month ago

A cozy restaurant with wonderful Lebanese food. The food was fresh and flavourful, just the right portion for 2 to share. We loved both cold and hot dishes, customer service was also very good.

Nancy Vegel

in the last week

wiserwonders2016 Taipei, Taiwan 218 Pending review Rip off! Dishonest staff using credit card scam On 04 April 2019, we ordered food for 3 people at Chamisse restaurant. The male waiter who served our meals gave us the bill in the amount of £36.40, but a female waitress came to collect the payment. She said they don't have contact-less credit card machine and needed to swipe my credit card. She swiped our card, gave the machine back to verify and sign, then she quickly took the machine back, pressed some buttons which I could not see and said the transaction didn’t go through. She ran my credit card two more times without showing us what she was doing, each time for the same amount of £36.40; totaling £109.20. I asked what she was doing and she said the transactions were not going through because the paper receipt didn’t print. That was odd so I asked to look at the machine, the display showed a prompt asking if we wanted to accept a duplicate charge, which I pressed “no”. Then, I opened my phone app and saw that each of the 3 transactions that she swiped were already pending, the time was around 3:55pm. I took back my card. I asked her to delete the three transactions that she had charged on our credit card, but she to wait a few hours for the pending transactions to disappear. She was neither helpful or friendly. She was adamant to say that the charges did not process because the paper receipt did not print out. We paid the bill using our guest's credit card. The next morning, the 3 pending charges were still on our account so I wrote an email to the restaurant explaining the details and asking them to delete the 3 pending charges. I have not yet received a reply from anyone at the restaurant. Unfortunately, today is 06 April 2019 and one of charges for £36.40 has processed and another is pending. Ugh! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!