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Genesis is a 100% plant based alchemy restaurant concept specialising in fast casual dining and organic comfort food. This spot is new on Dines, check back here soon for amazing insights on the food, the atmosphere and the team!


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Michail Stangl

a month ago

This review is based on having been vegan for well over a decade and having eaten anywhere from squats serving food made from ingredients salvaged from dumpsters to Michelin star vegan menus. Don't get me wrong - if you haven't eaten much vegan food this place will most certainly please your taste buds as it's a more than solid introduction into plant based fast food. Try it, you might want to skip animal products more than once a week! As a vegan restaurant however the experience is disappointing to say the least. The tacos were, despite being fairly large portions, quite dry and chewy and tasted like they were either pressed or heated up a while ago - they reminded me of a store bought variety. The fillings were unfortunately drowned in too many different sauces which all seemed to be variations on vegan mayo, covering up most of the taste. I would not recommend them, at least not when it comes to vegan tacos. The Mac and cheese were very disappointing - not only is the portion absolutely meager for the price (6.75 got me exactly 13 little pieces of pasta), it seems to be just pasta with some sort of melted vegan cheese, versus a proper cheese sauce. This makes the whole affair both unnecessarily fatty and not particularly tasty. Temple of Hackney does that significantly better and on point, go there for a great take on the same dish. The desert however was incredible - even though the Eton Mess lacks in presentation and is way too expensive for what it is, the aquafaba meringue and coconut creme are to die for. All in - I applaud the fact that it's another addition to the landscape of plant based food in London, but it leaves much to be desired for at a price that is too high for what is being offered.


3 weeks ago

I stumbled across this place whilst searching for a late vegan lunch. Great food, especially the patacones bowl, and a cool alchemy/ American diner themed interior. Also much better value for money than a lot of places in London. Only wish they were easier to find on maps!

Karolina Blajszczak

2 months ago

The food is really good. I wasn't happy with my duck salad though as the dressing was just too sweet. Burgers, nachos and desserts are top notch. I have to take away one star for how cold it was on the upper floor and single use plastic ramekins for ketchup. It was a big disappointment for me. Why not use metal or even paper ones, if you want to save time on washing them ,a it is really busy place. I think prices are reasonable for the location and quality of ingredients used.

Georgia Hayden

2 months ago

I'm a meat eater, trying to become a veggie and I have to admit the vegan food here is the best I've ever tasted. Amazing staff, Juan is the man! The vibe is great you have to try it out. Food is life changing! It's the future❤️

Zakaria Hersi

a month ago

Such great experience, visiting London my friend brought me to his favourite spot. Had the vegan cheese sticks and vegan chicken burger, was delicious. Not a vegan and this felt like the real deal. Great team and great service