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Roast & Toast is your trusted local salad bar in Aldgate East, where we sell fresh home made style food for a delicious, healthy lunch! Our speciality is perfectly roasted chicken (which is also halal) so come and grab a hearty and satisfying lunch - we're here 5 days a week!


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2 weeks ago

Slowly becoming my favourite place for lunch, really cheap (£5 Small/£6 Large) and you can fill the container up as much you can whilst being able to close the lid. It tends to get quite busy between 12-2 and but the que does go fairly quickly. Wished they had different proteins but there's still a good selection of other stuff there. Also there are shredded chicken which you can get at the counter instead of on the bone.

Hasan Beks

2 months ago

Great place to grab lunch. Very good value for money, however they only provide chicken as a protein. However you can't complain for the price and the variety.

Ruben Kodal Larsen

2 weeks ago

‘Some of Square Mile’s finest lunching’ ‘Mate, I warn you, it’s all down hill from here’. These were the words from my colleague after we entered the corner café on Wentworth Street. He’s spoken highly of this place, even though the walk eats up 45 minutes of our lunch hour. The Lebanese/Indian/heavenly cuisine offers a selection of vegetarian/meatlover friendly food. For a fiver you can fill a box with enough food to end every man’s hunger. The concept is simple: if the lid fits, you won’t be charged extra. This is not only brilliant, but also allows a bit of healthy sporting amongst colleagues – not only to find out who can reach the highest value for money, but also to find out who has the most skill to molest a 5-pound heavy lunch in 15 minutes. Since my first visit I have been searching for an alternative, and even though Deli Mama’s near Monument nearly made the cut, it turns out that Roast and Toast simply just comes creaming out on top and scores more points.. My colleague was right – it’s been all downhill ever since. I highly recommend this place.


5 months ago

I live close by but never been in before just because it didn't sound vegetarian friendly from the name. They have a a large rotisserie section, but I didn't try that. They also do a selection of mix and match dishes at £4 for a small box or £5 for a larger box. I counted over 10 options that were suitable for vegetarians. I filled the £4 box and ha a great lunch. Fantastic price especially for this area of London.

Sudhir Magan

2 months ago

A great value for money. Food is fresh and you have a lovely spread to select from