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London’s cultural melting pot is summed up perfectly in Rola Wala in Spitalfields, an Indian street food purveyor that’s the brainchild of an Aussie! Drawing inspiration from idyllic Kerala waterways and bustling Kolkata backstreets, Rola Wala has grown from a street food market mainstay to its own bustling spot that’s almost as busy as a Bombay marketplace (almost!) Their customised menu provides a selection of six authentically prepared curries matched with a choice of either a deliciously delicate naan, grain bowl, or cauliflower and kale bowl. Teeming with aromatic spices, locally sourced meats and natural ingredients, this is filling food with boat-loads of soul. Start saving big at Rola Wala with Dines today! Connect to our free ROLA-WIFI for a speedy smooth payment 😎 (no password required)


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Radiate Repeat

a month ago

I was given a leaflet about an app called Nez and Rola Wala was one of their lunchtime specials - which meant I got a chicken curry for £2. The pot was a decent size with rice, chicken and a choice of salad/dressings. Not sure how much it is full price but I was impressed with the offer and food. The staff were also lovely, friendly and engaging manner.

Yui Cho

a week ago

Fresh, light but full of flavours ! (Tried chicken tikka this time) Indian Indian grab & go choice

David Sánchez del Real

a month ago

The portions are decent and the guys are really nice. I had lunch there using an offer with 65% discount and therefore it was cheap, but at full price it may not be such good value. The Red Dahl witj Cauliflower rice was OK, but not great. I think going with chicken or other meat would have been a better choice.

Sebastian Keany

4 months ago

Good selection, lots of vegan options if that’s your thing. I find the portion sizes very good for the price, and definitely filling. I always have the cauli bowl with meat. Lamb can be truly fantastic when it’s fresh - soft, juicy, flavourful. I recommend the mild sauce even if you like heat as it has the best flavour.

Izzy Maya

2 months ago

absolutely delicious Indian food I've tasted many places around the world, this one is unreal! great experience and service.