The Orange Buffalo


About The Orange Buffalo

Serving the UK's award-winning New York style buffalo wings, mouthwatering sandwiches and sides just off Brick Lane.


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12:00 - 22:00

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Harry Insider

2 months ago

The best buffalo wings i have tried till date in London. Plus i love the experience of eating from a truck. I tried the original wings. Good portion amazing blue cheese that they serve in the side. The sauce on the wings was delicious. The quantity for the price is worth it. I cant wait to visit them back and try their spicy wing challenge.

Ham S

a month ago

Some of the best wings in London! lovely variety of flavours, sauces (and celery) BUT STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THOSE VIPER WINGS, I TRIED A FEW AND MY ANUS HAS NOT BEEN THE SAME EVER SINCE. IT FEELS LIKE I GOT GANGBANGED BY 500 SENATORS. good wings though!


3 months ago

The best chicken wings in England! I have been multiple times and never been let down, the wings are always really crispy and then there covered in your chosen sauce. Staff are all really friendly at both the food truck and the restaurant. Good value for money as well.

Matt Franck

4 months ago

I'm a wing freak. To the point that I want wings even when I'm having wings. I've got favourite spots in Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, Detroit, Honolulu, Belize, Louisville, ... You get the picture. This place is easily top 3 for me. The depth of flavour and balance of heat and aromatics extends throughout all the sauces, while the texture of them never breaks down into an oily separated mess. Add to that the fact that their house made blue cheese sauce is rich, studded with proper cheese, and the right consistency for dipping & most critically staying put, and it's a perfect serving. As for the wings themselves: big, meaty, perfectly cooked. Know what? This is actually in a dead heat for my favourite place for wings on the planet. Can't wait to get back.

Leo Hunter

a month ago

Seriously some of the best wings in london. I traveled half way across London on numerous occasions for these wings. Curly fries are amazing too.