Earn Cashback when you pay through Dines!

It's really simple

You'll earn Cashback when you spend on food, drinks, and service charge (excluding tips) through the Dines app.

The amount of Cashback will vary depending on the venue but keep your eyes peeled for Cashback offers of up to 30%!

Cashback applies on top of regular discounts!

With Dines, you earn 5% Cashback on top of any discounts advertised.

Yes, you heard that right... you'll save money on your bill and then save even more on your next meal!

Show me the deals!

Maximise your Cashback

There are loads of ways to earn extra Cashback! From referring friends, to spreading the message on social media, click the link below to find out more about boosting your Cashback balance.

Easy ways to earn Cashback

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The nitty gritty

One important thing to remember: you can only redeem your dines points in 200 (£5), 400 (£12) or 600 (£20) point increments.

If your meal costs more than the amount of money off for your chosen awards tier, you just pay the difference through the dines app. If it costs less, you still have to redeem the necessary amount of points for that tier but your meal is free!