About Us | Dines

We are Dines

We create stunning consumer ordering experiences that boost sales and unlock mammoth efficiencies for operators.

In a nutshell

Dines is an all-in-one ordering platform for hospitality businesses that care deeply about their customers' experiences. We empower hospitality operators all over the UK to transform their businesses with our frictionless Order & Pay experiences, unrivalled support, and attention to detail. Founded in 2016 and with teams in London, Newcastle, and Berlin.

What makes us special

We're a tenacious bunch of foodies with deep industry knowledge and a drive to build the best products we possible can. Our team care deeply about our partner venues, their staff, and their customers - there's no better feeling than seeing businesses thrive with the technology we've painstakingly built.

Obsessed with product perfection

We agonise over every little detail of the experiences we build to iron out any areas of friction and seize every opportunity to delight the user.

Driven innovators with a clear vision

We have the appetite and the deep industry experience to continue to push the boundaries of technology in hospitality.

Trusted technology partner

We don't rush out risky, sub-standard, bug-filled, products. We build things right. We prioritise reliability, security, and strong foundations.

Customer-centric vision for hospitality

Since the pandemic, the hospitality industry is transforming at an unprecedented pace. We believe that the businesses who can continuously deliver better all-round customer experience will earn customer loyalty and sustainable success.

We love working with operators who see the world in the same way.

Team Testimonials

Some testimonials about how great our team is.

We're hiring!

We're looking for like-minded team players to join our cause. If our team values and goals resonate with you then take a look at our careers page.

The Leadership Team

A world-class team with years of industry experience and shared passion for all things food, and all things tech.

Dil - Co-founder and CEO

We all love catching up over a meal, and at Dines, we make meals out even greater. My family ran restaurants for decades, so hospitality is in my blood - and I can't imagine doing anything else!

Craig - CTO

I've been building technology for over 15 years, much of which has been spent on digital payment experiences - but food and hospitality hold a special place in my heart... especially if it's Japanese.

Adam - COO

I'm a big lover of food and new experiences and I am incredibly excited and proud to be helping our partners create revolutionary tech-driven experiences that their customers and staff love.

Stej - Systems Lead

There's nothing better than going out to eat, and as a team, we understand how critical our technology is to partners' livelyhoods and we take pride in our continuing work to ensure our system is reliable and lightning-fast.

Rob - iOS Lead

I work on everything Apple, making sure our consumers and venues have the best native mobile ordering experience. Having nearly a decade working on iOS and attending WWDC I have the expertise to bring great experiences to the App Store.

Lauren - Customer Success Lead

Having worked in hospitality, I know first hand how Dines can be an exciting change for operators. So I enjoy helping Dines provide 5-star, one-to-one support to help make this transition seamless!

Rhi - People Ops Lead

At Dines we have strong values and a clear, customer-focussed vision for the technology we're building. I love my role of building and enabling our amazing team that shares this vision and our values.

Darren - Partnerships Lead

Working at Dines means we’re at the forefront of innovative, frictionless technology. I get a buzz out of helping operators understand the value of great digital customer experiences.

Alberto - Marketing Lead

It's been a thrilling journey at Dines. As a marketing professional, it's a pleasure to be conributing to such a great product and to help communicate the value it can deliver to operators across the country.

Are we the right fit for your Venue?

If our mission and mindset resonate with you, we'd love to have you on board.