Mobile Ordering for Theatres and Cinemas

Give viewers an alternative to those anxiety-inducing queues with mobile ordering and watch your sales increase.

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Easier Ordering Means Happier Customers

Customer experience is everything. An audience that have the option to instantly order from a beautifully presented food & beverage digital menu will spend more per visit.

Boost venue profitability

Mobile ordering will transform your theatre's F&B profitability whilst enhancing customer experience - so everybody wins.

36% Increase in Spend

When customers don't need to get your team's attention to place an order, they are more likely to order an extra round of drinks or order a course of desserts for the table.

31% Faster Service

Customers hate waiting to pay and it's a waste of capacity for your business. Turn tables faster without customers feeling rushed with instant ordering and payment.

40% Fewer Staff To Operate

Struggling to build and retain the right restaurant team? Dines reduces the number of people needed to work a shift and makes their work much more enjoyable.

Automate food & beverage operations

Automated order capture and payments means you can operate your F&B with fewer staff and you can make more sales during those peak periods before a screening or during an interval.

Features Built for Theatres & Cinemas

You need an ordering platform that caters to the unique challenges that come with operating a theatre or cinema.

Speedy, Queueless Service

Automated ordering and payments significantly reduce your queues at the counter, which means customers are less likely to be put off making extra food or beverage orders.

Intuitive, accurate menus

Upsell to customers with powerful item modifiers and capture clear, accurate orders and take payments from any card automatically.

Halve food wastage

Food wastage is a huge threat to sustainability of your food & beverage function, which is as important to you as an operator as it is to your customers. Dines has been shown to reduce food and beverage wastage by over 50%.

Built-in Prepaid Tabs

Let your customers put some money behind the bar or set up a private tab for friends and family, and let them easily order against it with a fully integrated and seamless solution.

Theatre Partner Testimonials

Our Pub and Bar partners love using Dines and their customers consistently comment that it is the best ordering system they have ever used.

Build the perfect theatre ordering experience

You can get started on building the perfect ordering experience right away, or speak to an advisor from our team if you like.