Deliveries Your Customers Will Love

Offer a delivery service that customers will actually use.

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Stay in Control

Dines gives you the tools to keep on top of delivery orders with order throttling, unrivalled control over delivery slot frequency/operating hours and streamlined order management functions.

Real-time Updates on Delivery

Both your customers and your team will be kept in the loop as orders progress.

The moment a customer completes their payment, your team will receive a notification that a new order has been received.

Your customers will be notified when their order is Accepted, Prepared and when it's Out for Delivery.

Seamless Order and Collect Experience

In as few taps as possible, your customers will be able to explore your menu, place and order for collection and securely pay in advance for food and drink.

Make Sure It's Worth Delivering

Add a delivery charge to cover the costs of delivery and limit where you can receive orders from with post code validation.

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