Extraordinary QR-Based Mobile Ordering

Give your customers the most accessible, seamless and beautiful way to order and pay for food and drinks at your venue.

Mobile Ordering: Putting Customer Experience First

We prioritise your customer's experience above all else, because happier customers spend more.

Dines is the easiest, most accessible, and most beautiful order and pay solution available, and the only ordering app featured on Apple's website.

The Impact of Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering will transform your restaurant's profitability whilst enhancing customer experience - so everybody wins.

36% Increase in On-site Spend

When customers don't need to get your team's attention to place an order, they are more likely to order more often and our beautifully designed menus increase average customer spend.

31% Faster Table Turns

Customers hate waiting to pay and it's a waste of capacity for your business. Turn tables faster without customers feeling rushed with instant ordering and payment.

40% Fewer Staff To Operate

By taking away the jobs that your team hates to do, Dines reduces the number of people needed to operate your venue and makes their work much more enjoyable.

The Most Accessible Platform for Customers

Dines is built to deliver a premium ordering experience on any device. A lightweight web-app is available that supports of 97% of customers' smartphones, with richer app and app clip experiences for those on newer devices.

The Perfect Fit For Your Venue

We've been building digital hospitality experiences for years, and we know that no two venues are the same. Our system is built to adapt to your business.


Give diners rich, interactive digital menus and a glorious ordering experience, adding to the theatre of eating out.

Pubs and Bars

Punters can get in round after round without queuing at the bar, leaving your team to focus on speed of service.


Give guests a seamless way to order food and beverage from anywhere in your venue, whether it's room service or a drink at the bar.

Cafes and Counter Service

Eliminate the dreaded queues at peak times by letting your customers order from their seat or even before they arrive.

Theatres and Cinemas

Give viewers an alternative to those anxiety-inducing queues with mobile ordering and watch your sales increase.

Weddings and Events

Help guests spend less of their precious time queuing to order and more time enjoying the event, refreshments in hand.

Seamless Experience From Start to Finish

In as few taps as possible, your customers will be able to explore your menu, place and order and securely pay fo food and drink.

Adaptable to Any Business Setting

Dines on-premises ordering is in operation in a wide range of hospitality businesses:

Order to Table or Seat

Our platform is perfectly adapted to take orders from customers at tables - used in restaurants, cafes, canteens etc. It can also capture orders in seats - such as in theatres, drive-in cinemas and stadiums.

In-Room Ordering

Used in hotels, student accommodation, cruise ships and even care homes, Dines on-premises ordering can be used to capture orders in any setting where a customer's location is known.

Order at Counter

Let customers order whilst in the queue or before they even arrive by placing QR codes strategically around your venue.

Get On-Premises Mobile Ordering

Set up takes minutes and you can be accepting orders in no time. Ready to get your on-premises ordering platform set up now? Want to speak to the team?