Mobile Ordering for Cafes and Counter Service

Eliminate the dreaded queues at peak times by letting your customers order from their seat or even before they arrive.

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Easier Ordering Means Happier Customers

A great customer experience is the difference between a one-time visitor and a new regular customer. Give them the option to order instantly from a slick, intuitive menu and pay with a tap on Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Boost your venue's profitability

From the quaint little cafes to bustling city lunchtime haunts, mobile ordering will transform your venue's profitability whilst enhancing customer experience - so everybody wins.

36% Increase in Spend Per Visit

Customers that can take their time exploring your menu will order more that those ordering at the till with the pressure of the queue building behind them.

31% Faster Service

Customers hate waiting in the queue and its a waste of your venue's capacity. Imagine how many more customers you could serve per hour if orders and payments were captured for you.

40% Fewer Staff To Operate

Struggling to build and retain the right venue team? Dines reduces the number of people needed to work a shift and makes their work much more enjoyable.

Automate venue operations

Automated order capture and payments means your team spend less time frantically trying to take orders and payments and more time fulfilling orders.

Optimised back-of-house operations gives your chefs, baristas and managers the tools to keep on top of the rush even in the busiest of times.

Features Built for Cafes and Counters

You need an ordering platform that caters to the unique challenges that come with operating a restaurant. Here's how we solve some of your most common problems:

Lightweight, flexible menus

Breakfast served until 11am? Different options available each day? No problem! Assign a weekly schedule to menu categories or entire menus so you'll never receive incorrect orders.

Efficient Teams & Faster Service

Staff can tick off items as they are prepared, and print off tailored order tickets for each team, so your teams remain focussed and efficient.

Reduce order errors

Mistakes in order taking are extremely frustrating for your customers and the resulting wastage is costly to your business. Dines has been shown to reduce ordering errors by over 50%.

Cafe Partner Testimonials

Our Cafe partners love using Dines and their customers consistently comment that it is the best ordering system they have ever used.

Build the perfect ordering experience

You can get started on building the perfect queueless ordering experience right away, or speak to an advisor from our team if you like.