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Process more orders per hour

Dines removes all sources of friction for your Bar & Kitchen operations so your team can complete more orders and serve more customers per hour than ever before.

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Boost Bar & Kitchen Efficiency

Bar & Kitchen staff get access to tailored interfaces and automated order management which means they are able to process more orders per hour.

Real-time updates for staff and customers

Keeping customers up to date improves their patience levels. Give your team the tools to manage their orders and automatically give real-time order updates for your front-of-house team and your customers.

Keeping track of progress

If your team would like a device, they are able to tick of items as they are prepared and add a note to the order - updates are provided to all your team in real-time.

Preset Bar and Kitchen printer options

With our unique cloud printing solution, each team can have its own printer which prints out only relevant order information for them to to their job.

Turn your business into a well-oiled machine

Give your teams the tools they need to run at maximise efficiency, which means you'll give a better experience to your customers which will reflect in higher sales and lower costs.

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