Top 10 ways to make your customers feel safe post-lockdown

Adam Umarji -

Restaurant enthusiast

To help restaurants and pub owners, we’ve put together the top 10 ways you can make your customers feel safe post-lockdown and get your restaurant ready for reopening.


Protecting your Terraform State

Stephen Jefferson -

Lead Platform Engineer

When applying a Terraform template, the state of the infrastructure being deployed is stored in a local terraform.tfstate file. If you're the sole developer on a project, having this stored in your project folder or a repo may work for you; in a team, you want to ensure that the latest version of your Terraform state is stored in a central place and source control isn't the best solution for this.


Event Driven Systems on AWS

Craig Tweedy -


How do we handle distributed events in a distributed world, pushing away the idea of an all in one, unrealiable, unscalable system? Event systems are just one of many answers - find out how with AWS.