Putting Customer Experience First. Always.

We love working with businesses that put their customer's experience above all else. We've created the easiest, most accessible, and most beautiful way to order and pay - and we'll continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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Why prioritise customer experience?

Our logic is simple. The more your customers enjoy their digital ordering experience, the more they'll spend at your venue. With Dines, your customers can expect:

Accessible to all

Can older customers use the technology? Does it work on any device? The more people that can access your digital ordering platform, the greater the benefits to your business.

A Beautiful Menu to Explore

A beautiful, smooth, clearly laid out menu gives customers the confidence to order more. Our logic? If your customers find pleasure in exploring your menu then they'll spend more and order more often.

Customers served quicker

We've worked with experts in Operational Efficiency to build a platform that helps you run as efficiently as possible. Quicker order processing leads to additional orders per visit and quicker table turnover.

Completely Secure Payments

Customer payment security is paramount - we don't take any chances. That's why we never hold sensitive data on our systems and we choose to partner with the world's leading provider of secure payments - Stripe.

An Intuitive Customer Journey

Customers need to feel like the ordering flow is natural and friction-free to reduce revenue loss to incomplete orders. That's why we optimise our flow to minimise abandoned baskets.

Fewer Mistakes on Their Orders

There is nothing more frustrating for your customers than a mistake on their order. Venues using Dines typically see at least 50% fewer mistakes made on orders per evening.

Frictionless experience

Seamless customer journeys are our speciality - your visitors scan a QR and get immediate access to your menu via our web app or an App Clip.

Customers don't need to sign up to order and they can pay with one-tap through Apple Pay.

Visually stunning

When building the customer's journey, we prioritise aesthetic beauty and a speedy, smooth flow. Our logic? If your customers find pleasure in exploring your menu then they'll spend more time browsing and order more often.

Fast, secure payments

We've been processing payments in hospitality settings for years. To deliver the best experience to both you and your customers, we partner with Stripe.

Stripe is the industry leader in mobile payment speed, stability, and security - so you can trust that payments made through Dines are safe and secure.

Plus you can accept Amex and international cards at no extra cost.

Real-time updates

Your team and your customers are constantly kept up-to-date on the status of orders and payments so everyone is on the same page. Customers are informed when an order has been accepted and when it has been prepared.

Build your perfect experience

It takes just minutes to create an ordering experience your customers will love. Want to discuss your specific business with our friendly team? Get in touch!