A system that your team will actually like

Do your team constantly complain about your current system? Boost morale, efficiency, communication, and guest satisfaction with our intuitive, feature-rich POS and payments solution tailored for hospitality staff.

Beautiful and Intuitive Design

Our POS system delivers a stunning, intuitive design that makes it easy for front and back of house staff to navigate and perform tasks quickly. The user-friendly interface minimises the learning curve, making it easier to onboard new staff.

Streamlined Order Taking and Integrated Payments

Our system streamlines order taking by providing an efficient way to input orders and send them directly to the kitchen. Integrated card machines enable your staff to quickly and securely process payments at the table, eliminating errors and enhancing the overall guest experience and reducing wait times.

Real-Time Updates from the Kitchen

Dines enables real-time updates from the kitchen, allowing front of house staff to stay informed on the progress of dishes and manage guest expectations more effectively - resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable service for both staff and guests.

Clever Printing Solutions

Dines offers smart printing solutions, allowing you to customise where and how orders are printed in the kitchen or at the bar. This ensures that staff get the right information at the right time, reducing confusion and errors while increasing overall efficiency.

Automatic End-of-Shift Reconciliation

With Dines, there's no need to spend extra time closing tills and reconciling card machines at the end of a shift. The system automatically reconciles all transactions, providing accurate reports and saving your staff valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks or enjoying a well-deserved break.

Take service to the next level with Dines

Our all-in-one POS system, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, delivers a comprehensive solution that combines beautiful design with practical, time-saving features. Equip your front and back of house teams with the tools they need to deliver an unforgettable guest experience.

Rely on our team, just like your team