New government rules and schemes

As our society and communities come together to deal with this unprecedented pandemic, the hospitality sector must significantly change the way it operates. The Government is allowing the industry to reopen safely and is taking steps to stimulate consumer demand through new legislation and industry-specific schemes. But this presents a huge operational challenge that many are not in a position to overcome.

That's where Dines comes in.

We are doing everything we can to help all businesses, from the smallest independent cafes up to the largest venues, confidently deal with everything that this bold new world throws at them. Our mobile ordering platform has already been adapted to be able to handle track and trace, the lowered VAT rate of 5%, and the Government's Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

Browse the links below to find out how we are helping hospitality businesses deal with the biggest changes affecting our industry.

Future-proof your business with Dines

Eat Out To Help Out

As you know, from 3rd August, hospitality businesses across the UK will benefit from the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme. 

To incentivise customers to dine out, they will receive a 50% discount of up to £10 per person. To help your business and the industry, you will be reimbursed for the discount by the Government.

This is where Dines comes in. We will provide you with the tools you need to offer discounts and generate the reports required to claim your money back. 

Dines and Eat Out To Help Out

VAT reduced to 5%

The Government announced that from 15 July, the VAT rate charged on certain food and drink sales will be reduced to 5%, specifically for hospitality businesses. To help you implement these changes quickly, we have updated our menu builder so that you can easily change the VAT rate from 20% to 5% for applicable items.

Dines and the VAT reduction

Track and Trace

To support the NHS Track and Trace service, the Government strongly advises hospitality businesses to collect and keep certain details about visiting customers for 21 days. The idea is that if a customer visited a venue while potentially carrying Coronavirus, Track and Trace operators will get in touch with a business so they can notify customers who visited that same day.

With Dines, this information is collected in a GDPR compliant way without any extra effort from you or your team. If you need to get in touch with customers, simply let our team know and we'll take all the necessary steps to notify your other customers as soon as possible.