How Dines Pays For Itself

Dines not only delivers better customer experiences, but your venue will also see an immediate and significant boost in profits.

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36% Boost in Revenues

Instant ordering, a beautiful interface, and seamless payments increase customers' Average Order Value and the number of orders per visit, resulting in a 36% increase in revenue per customer overall.

40% Lower Staff Costs

Our platform takes care of the ordering and payments which reduces the workload of Front of House staff by over 66%. In addition to backend tools for Kitchen and Bar staff, you'll be able to operate efficiently with significantly lower staff levels.

Turn Tables 31% Faster

Without Mobile Ordering, customers can expect to spend an average of 23 minutes waiting for service per visit. Dines reduces these wait times to nil, meaning that customers spend less 'dead time' at the tables and you can turn tables 31% quicker.

Slash Wastage by 50%

Put ordering in the hands of your customers and you'll see mistakes and mispours decrease significantly. Integrating all your orders into one system means you can make better decisions around inventory management which also contributes to lower wastage.

Grow your audience

Before they pay, we'll ask customers if they are happy for you to contact them about promotions so you can grow your audience in a GDPR compliant way.

Download your captured customer details and remarket to them to increase return visits and drive further revenues.

A Win-Win Decision

Your customers get a better experience, your staff are less frazzled and you make more profit. Feels like a no-brainer.

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