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Managing your menu

With Dines, you have full control over your menu through our easy Inventory Management tool. The tool lets you easily add, update and hide menu categories, menu items and modifiers. You can also mark menu items and modifiers as out of stock.


These are the menu sections that users can see in the app. You can create as many sections as you like, change the order and even disable them from view.

Quick tip! If you have a different menu for Sunday brunch, simply disable the Sunday brunch menu for the entire week and then enable it on Sunday morning!

Menu items

Menu items are the individual drinks/meals that make up your menu. You’re able to: 

  • Create new items, 

  • Update existing items

  • Make items unavailable for ordering

  • Assign allergens and dietary requirement tags

  • Change the price

  • Assign to categories

  • And, add modifiers!

Quick tip! You can actually add a menu item to multiple categories, so you can create a category for ‘Popular Items’ or ‘Chef’s specialities’.


Modifiers are the possible options or variations of the menu items.

We have two options for modifiers: Single selection (e.g. thin crust or thick crust pizza), and multiple selection (e.g. when selecting a combination of toppings for a pizza).

You’re able to: 

  • Create new modifiers for an item, 

  • Update existing modifiers

  • Add a price impact of modifiers

  • Assign allergens and dietary requirement tags to individual modifiers

Quick tip! Individual modifier options can have different impacts on price. Continuing our pizza example, you can create standard toppings and premium toppings which add different costs to the basic pizza.

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