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Maximise Revenues During Peak Hours

One thing that defines the hospitality industry is peak hours. Dines is built to help you maximize sales during those critical moments that determine your venues success and failure.

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Reliable, With 100% Uptime

Our system has never gone down. We regularly stress test our system to significantly larger trade volumes to ensure stability and piece of mind for you and your team. When you're busy on a Friday night, you can rely on Dines to carry on running without breaking a sweat.

Enable Busy Mode

As a venue operator, having too many orders can be a good problem to have - but it can leave your customers and team feeling frustrated. When things are hectic and you need a little extra time to prepare orders, keep your customers informed with Busy Mode.

Streamlined Flow

If your team are rushed off their feet, you can enable Auto-Accept mode which skips the 'Accept Order' Stage and skips straight to 'Order Processing'. This increases the speed at which your team can process orders.

Boost Peak Trade

Get your platform set up and helping you boost trade at peak times.

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