Industry-leading Offline Mode

An internet outage can be catastrophic for a hospitality business, causing disruption to payment processing and, ultimately, leading to frustrated customers and significant revenue loss.

Accept card payments without internet

Offline Mode saves the day when the internet fails, ensuring seamless transactions, uninterrupted customer service, and continuous revenue generation - keeping your hospitality business thriving even in the face of connectivity challenges.

Accept both cash and card payments confidently, ensuring no customer walks away unsatisfied and everyone can get back to enjoying the festival.

Seamless Service with Auto-Switching

Dines' delivers seamless auto-switching between online and offline modes. Your staff can keep on selling without any user intervention needed, ensuring uninterrupted transactions and happy customers.

The functionality you love, just offline.

Simplify splitting the bill for your customers with Dines Offline Mode, allowing multiple payments on a single bill. Stay versatile and prepared with full menu functionality, even offline.

Offline Limits: Manage Financial Risk

Take control of your financial risk with Dines Offline Mode's smart limit settings. Our system keeps you protected by allowing admins to set custom limits and safeguards on the number and value of transactions and time since last online when operating offline.

Stay on the ball whilst offline

Keep track of vital offline data with Dines' Offline Mode Information Ticker. This dynamic banner ensures you're always aware of your device's offline status and advanced warning of hitting limits. Empowering your team to take necessary actions and maintain smooth operations.

Looking for a dependable payments platform?

Take advantage of our best in class offline payments tools.