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Let high-quality technology run the business. Spend your time and headspace for improving the business and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Streamlined Operations for Any Setting

Dines is the perfect solution for operators in any hospitality setting, from festivals & events, to restaurants & bars and gigs & theatres.

Restaurants and bars

You need to deliver great food and outstanding customer service on slim margins. Manage the roller-coaster of seasonality, chaos of staffing, and barrage of ever-increasing regulation. You've got enough headaches - You're POS technology needn't be one of them.

Festivals and events

You take a muddy field and deliver unforgettable experiences. You manage hectic builds to ridiculous timetables whilst battling the elements. You handle a constant barrage of unforeseeable issues - you need a rock-solid POS you can rely on.

Gigs and theatres

You've got a great show in a stunning venue and it's packed to the rafters with an excitable captive audience. Internet isn't always great and staff turnover is high. Your team must operate in tight spaces, with very limited, intense time windows to make as many sales as possible.

Reliable Tech, Smooth Sailing

“Dines just works, we get 90% fewer calls from staff asking for help - and that’s usually due to something the staff did wrong!"

Imagine never getting calls complaining about the tech. Never having to firefight or deal with unexpected hiccups. Operations teams tell us that the biggest benefit of Dines is the time they get back!

Staff Management - Sorted

Dines is the operations manager's dream - delighting staff whilst automating those dull staff management tasks around training, time-tracking, reviewing performance, security & permissions, and shift planning.

Training New Staff

Integrated training helps onboard new employees quickly and efficiently and a stunning, intuitive design means staff can often learn on the job with as little as 15 mins of training.

Time and Attendance

Dines' integrated time and attendance tracking module can help accurately and seamlessly track employee hours, shifts and attendance all in one place.

Review Performance

Dines' employee performance reporting feature can help managers track employee performance and identify areas for improvement.

Security & Permissions

Dines allows for customized access levels for employees, ensuring that only authorized employees have access to certain functions. The system allows for easy creation and management of employee accounts.

Planning Shifts

Dines' gives you access to all the operational data you need to ensure that you have the perfect level of cover for each shift.

Catch Bad Actors

Detailed logs of user activity and audit trails give your team the power to track and monitor employee actions in real-time, making it easier to identify any suspicious activity or bad actors within the staff.

Master Your Menus

With our intuitive menu builder, you can easily control menus and prices across your entire business, including mobile ordering. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple platforms and enjoy the convenience of making updates from a single, centralized location.

Quality Customer Support

We know how frustrating it can be to struggle with a POS provider that doesn't provide the level of support you need. That's why we prioritize excellent customer support to make your life easier.

Get quick and efficient problem-solving and access to valuable resources to get the answers you need. Fast.

Data at your Fingertips

Say bye-bye to spreadsheet pain - struggling to piece together scattered data across multiple systems.

The grass really is greener. Get real-time data on operations at your fingertips and make informed decisions instantly. Get answers to those burning questions, reduce waste, save time and money - whatever your goals, don't settle for outdated data systems.

Choose a centralised solution for data-driven success and you'll never look back.

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