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Unified Order Management

Customers are ordering in many different ways. Whether ordering ahead from your website, scanning a QR code or asking for table service. Dines helps you automatically capture customer orders and easily manage all your orders in one place.

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Capture orders automatically

Dines automatically captures orders and payments from customers which mean you can operate your venue with fewer staff.

40% larger orders

Access to a digital menu and no waiting for service means an increase in revenue per customer by 40%.

Reduced workload

With ordering and payments sorted, you'll reduce your front-of-house workload by up to 66%.

Reduced wastage costs

With customers ordering directly and staff less rushed, Dines reduces wastage due errors by over 75%.

Perfectly organised

Orders are organised by their status so your team can clearly divide responsibilities, stay focused, and keep orders flowing efficiently.

Prioritise important orders

At a glance, your team can quickly see which orders have been waiting for a while, which contain food and other key information that help your team prioritise orders effectively.

Minimal training required

Our user-friendly system was designed to ensure your team can begin operating at maximum efficiency with minimal training.

With our smart order-routing, the steps required to progress automatically change depending on the items ordered, the type of order, and your operational setup.

Your team are presented with only relevant options for each order in an intuitive way so its easy to get your staff trained up.

Boost Efficiency with Mobile Ordering

Capture orders effortlessly, combine all orders in one place and build a seamless operational workflow. Ultimately, Dines gives your customers and a better experience and will boost your venue's profits.

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