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How customers order from your menu

The stress-free ordering process takes just moments for your customers and gives them access to your full menu, no cutting corners!

Menu modifiers

Your menu on Dines is not only clean and well presented, but also powerfully adaptable. Customers can navigate complex menus and modifiers with ease.

Run out of stock on an item? You can make an item unavailable which removes it from the customer’s view.

Clear dietary and allergen tagging

You also have the ability to select the dietary and allergen tags on your menu items. Clearly communicating to your customers which items are suitable means you'll get fewer questions from those with specific requirements.

Add a note to the kitchen

Customers sometimes have special requests. We’ve got that covered too! When a customer is completing the order, they are asked to provide any special requests to the venue. These are highlighted to your team when viewing an order.

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