Streamline Your Operations with Automatic Revenue Splits

Effortlessly manage revenue sharing between organisers and F&B providers at events and festivals with Dines' Automatic Revenue Splits feature. Eliminate the need for manual calculations, reduce the risk of human error, and simplify accounting processes.

Real-Time Revenue Sharing

Our system calculates and implements revenue splits automatically based on pre-agreed contracts, ensuring that both parties receive their accurate share of revenues generated through Dines.

Reduced Workload and Error Risk

By automating revenue splitting, you can significantly reduce the workload on your operations team, minimise the risk of human error, and avoid potential legal complications.

Flexible and Customisable

Configure revenue splits according to your unique contracts and requirements, including percentage-based deductions and fixed fees for services like water and electricity.

Transparent and Easy to Monitor

Both parties can easily view and monitor their adjusted payouts, providing full transparency and enabling them to confirm that the revenue shares are correctly implemented.

Seamless Integration with Dines

Our Automatic Revenue Splits feature is fully integrated with the Dines system, simplifying the payment process and ensuring smooth operations at your events and festivals.

Take Control of Your Revenue Sharing with Dines

Invest in a streamlined, automated solution for managing revenue splits at your events and festivals. With Dines' Automatic Revenue Splits feature, you can focus on delivering unforgettable experiences while we handle the complexities of revenue sharing.

Revenue splits got you tied up in knots?

Dines helps your team by removing the admin and automating the payments. Easy to setup and even easier to count.