The Hospitality Operating System.

Run your entire hospitality business on a single, powerful, omni-channel platform.

For Operators That Work Smart.

Spend less time fighting fires and more time making the key decisions that will push your business forward.

Dines eliminates 35 hours of admin work a week for every 25k transactions processed - if your team is spending time collecting, reconciling and working with data in spreadsheets then you'll save time too!

Imagine if one system just handled everything.

Point of Sale

A fast, intuitive, versatile point of sale that can be picked up by new staff immediately. Switch between counter-POS, mobile-POS, and queue-busting POS modes on the fly to suit your operations and staff.

Integrated Payments

A whole host of fully integrated ways to pay through any channel. including in-person, online, pre-paid tabs, gift vouchers with support for Apple Pay and Google Pay - powered by Stripe.

Mobile Ordering

An industry-leading, frictionless mobile ordering system that delights your customers, reduces your team's workload by over 60% and increases spend per head significantly.

Order Management

An intelligent system that manages all your on-premises and off-premises orders whilst efficiently integrating your front-of-house and back-of-house tasks to reduce service times by 30-50%.

Centralised Menu

A single, centralised menu that controls your digital, mobile and POS menus in one place, including: pricing, item modifiers, allergens, categories, display times, stock levels, and recipes.

Bookings & Deposits

An integrated booking system that captures bookings, manages your sittings, minimises no-shows with seamless capture of booking deposits which are automatically assigned to the table.

Staff Management

A universal staff-tracking system that automatically tracks your team's activity, protects key features, and allows auditing of individual performance.

Marketing and Promotions

A powerful marketing system that lets you capture customer emails to build your audience, promote products and offers, and communicate custom marketing messages to meet your business goals.

Queue management

A system that adapts at peak times with automatic busy mode messaging, order throttling, smart-queue systems, and performance monitoring to help your team make it through the busiest shifts.

Back Office & Reporting

A real-time reporting system that covers all your sales channels and delivers unmatched insights whilst automatically reconciling back to the payments into your account. Your finance team will be happy.

An all-in-one hospitality platform that works seamlessly together

Integrating between different systems can be painful - sometimes it fails, sometimes it doesn't quite match up, sometimes it feels like you're spending way too much time in spreadsheets trying to make it all make sense. There's a better way...

A Better Customer Experience

Delight your guests with amazing digital experiences and instantly see an increase in spend per head by up to 40%.

Better Staff Experience

Reduce the pressure on your team and give them a system they will love - it's just so easy.

Better for Business

Use your new, single source of truth to make better business decisions.

Hardware Shouldn't be Hard

Locking you into lengthy contracts and annoying hardware rentals doesn't sit right with us... so instead, you decide what hardware and set up to use that works best for you, without being shackled to bespoke hardware and maintenance fees.

Unlike other EPOS providers, we provide a simple proposition - build amazing software that delivers breathtaking customer experiences and huge benefits to your business.

Support that's more than a website. Support that's not just 9 to 5.

Our team are real people that know hospitality.

They'll help you seamlessly transition from your old systems and help implement new ways in which you can innovate to increase sales and reduce operational costs.

And they'll be there if you ever need help.

We also use the tools you and your team love - like WhatsApp & FaceTime.

Make life easier for your staff.

Your team is sick and tired of juggling multiple systems that don't talk to each other properly and having to figure out workarounds to get the job done. 

Give them a single, intuitive solution that's more reliable, reduces pressure and makes their lives easier and they'll stay with you for longer.

The future of running hospitality.

We're building the operational command centre of your dreams.

Control your menu, staff, and stock in one place and see how the business performs in real-time from anywhere and on any device.

Transform your business through technology.

A simple, intuitive, powerful hospitality operating system that will transform your business.

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