Your customer's ordering experience

Dines helps you craft the most beautiful and intuitive ordering experiences that your customers have ever seen.

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Easy access to your menu

Customers simply open their phone's camera, scan your venue-specific QR code and are instantly transported to your stunningly laid out menu.

Feature Spotlight: App Clips

We're the only ordering app to have been featured on the App Store and Apple Website for our pioneering work with Apple's App Clip technology. App Clips gives customers a superior native experience, tailored to your venue, without ever needing to download an App or register for any accounts.

Exploring the menu

Your customers are in for a real treat.

  • Menus are optimised for accessibility and are dark/light mode compatible so they'll look amazing no matter your customer's device settings.
  • They'll be greeted with a gallery showcasing your venue and an intuitive slider of menu categories to help them easily navigate your menu.
  • Alternatively, they can dive straight into the menu and start building their perfect order - and with our powerful modifiers, you can give them as much freedom as you like.

Fast, Easy, Secure Payments

Before they pay, we'll ask customers if they are happy for you to contact them about promotions so you can grow your audience in a GDPR compliant way.

⁠Customers can pay with one tap using Apple Pay and Google Pay or pay with any card. We use a seamlessly integrated Stripe checkout which means that customer details are always secure and never stored on our servers.

Real-time Updates on Orders

Both your customers and your team will be kept in the loop as orders progress.

The moment a customer completes their payment, your team will receive a notification that a new order has been received.

Your customers will be notified when their order is accepted and when it's ready to collect.

Start building your customer experience

Give your customer the easiest, most beautiful ordering flow around