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Your trusted technology partner

Choose a world-class team of industry experts. Choose a market-leading product with an extraordinary reliability record. Choose Dines.

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We aren't new kids on the block

We aren't an opportunistic team thrown together during the pandemic to make a quick buck - we've been building cutting-edge ordering and payment solutions for hospitality for 5 years.

Reliability included as standard

Dines averages uptime of over 99.99%. That's because we factor reliability at every stage of product development and monitor system health 24 hours a day.

We choose Stripe, here's why...

Many other platforms choose cheaper payment processors or build their own gateway to save on cost. We believe it's not worth the risk.

Accept international cards

You can accept payments from all cards, including Amex and international cards at no extra cost.

Most secure checkout available

Customer information subject to most stringent security level in thee payments industry - PCI Service Provider Level 1.

Seamless payment experiences

Customers pay via Stripe without ever knowing it, with beautiful payment interfaces and one-tap payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Future proof payments

Large legislation changes are coming to the UK and Europe requiring 2-factor authentication. Stripe will ensure there is no interruption to your business.

Fraud protection built in

We use Stripe's premium 'Radar' fraud protection to protect you against costly chargebacks due to fraud.

Reliable payouts

Stripe is a multi-billion pound regulated payment processor - they payout when they say they are going to payout so you're never left in a sticky cashflow situation.

We'll never leave you in the lurch

Our excellent venue support team will ensure you get up and running quickly and work hard to ensure that Dines providing the maximum possible value to your business.

The future of hospitality

We have a clear vision. Dines will continue to be at the cutting-edge of technology and customer experience. It's in our DNA just as much as it is in yours, so join us and blow your customers' minds with the best ordering platform around.