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How customers access your menu

Customers can access your menu in 3 easy ways depending on their preference.

Firstly, users don't need to download an app

We believe that food experiences should be accessible to all. That's why we don't force users to download an app to order food at your venue, they can simply open up the internet and visit, or scan a QR code that is unique to your venue and be directed straight to your menu.

Having said that, in-app experiences can often be much nicer than web-based apps. For the customers that choose to, they can install our 5* rated apps on both iOS and Android.

Using a QR code

Customers can use their phone's camera to quickly scan a QR code to take them directly to your menu. Your venue will have a unique QR code which gives customers access to your menu - you can access this QR code anytime from your Partner Dashboard.

Using the search bar

Users can also find your venue using our powerful search tools. They can search for any part of your name, location or even cuisine.

Using customer's location

Customers can use their phone's GPS to locate venues closest to their current location. If they are inside your venue, your menu will be the first option they see.

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