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Powerful menu builder

Our menu builder helps you build menus that delight customers and increase sales. Dines presents your menu in a clear, simple, and beautiful way no matter how complex it is.

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Menus that stay relevant

Look after your menu and your menu will look after you.

Keep your menu relevant by providing live stock and availability information to customers. Provide rich data on allergens and dietary requirements too.

Breakfast served until 11am? Happy hour 5-6pm? Assign a weekly schedule to menu categories or entire menus so you don't need to worry about your customers ordering when they shouldn't be.

The Power of Modifiers

Modifiers let your customers add additional detail to an order from options preset by you.

So if your serving pizzas on the piazza, you can let customers choose a single base and multiple toppings. You can set default options and make certain options required.

That means no more awkward visits back to the customer because you forgot to ask about their choice of stuffed crust!

Extraordinary Menu Experience

We want your customers to love exploring your menu.

Dazzle visitors with a digital menu that pushes the boundaries of what's possible. A clean, elegant design that looks great on any device, in light mode or dark mode.

Engage customers with classy imagery. Showcase your venue and headline promotions with your live gallery and get customers salivating over visuals of your products.

Upsell. Upsell. Upsell.

Customers naturally spend about 30% more via mobile ordering because they don't need to wait for service and can explore the menu and order at their leisure. ⁠ But ⁠we'll help you can take your menu to the next level with upselling and product promotions to help boost sales by a further 10%.

Build your perfect menu

Create a clear, accurate, beautiful menu that your customers will immediately fall in love with. Want to discuss your menu needs with our friendly team? Get in touch!

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