Modern EPOS for Forward-Thinking Wedding & Event Venues

An EPOS that helps you make better business decisions and execute them immediately.

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Take Orders More Efficiently

Customers hate waiting for their order to be taken. Accelerate order taking with a slick EPOS and integrated mobile ordering.

Fixed Till POS

Use larger EPOS till placements to take orders from customers at a fixed location.

Handheld EPOS

Let your team roam the restaurant, capturing orders and feeding them instantly to the kitchen.

Mobile Ordering

Give customers a seamless experience of scanning a QR code, ordering and paying.

Enable Mobile Ordering in Your Wedding or Event Venue

When customers order via Mobile Ordering, you'll see revenues rocket by 36% per visitor, wastage slashed by 50% and you'll be able to operate efficiently with 40% less staff.

Key EPOS Functionality

The Dines ecosystem is designed to help you optimise every aspect of your business - leaving you to focus on your customers.

Captures Orders

Dines helps you capture orders from every aspect of your business and unify them in one place.

Optimises Checkout

Dines allows you to accept more types of payments with less friction.

Manages Menu & Venue

You can manage your menu, stock status and venue set up in one easy to use dashboard

Automates Operations

Automatically send orders to printers or devices in the kitchen/bar, let staff leave comments for each other and see outstanding orders at a glance.

Makes Admin Easier

Review your takings at a glance, gain insights from analytics, or dive into detailed reports on the venue's performance.

Affordable Hardware Packages

Install your new EPOS for a fraction of the price of traditional systems

Smarter Table Management

Your staff can see which tables require attention at a glance and which tables are available to be seated.

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